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Grove GMK 5130-2

The GROVE GMK 5130-2 is a successor of GMK 5130-1. The 5130-2 is much the same crane, the difference is in new design of the drivers cab. The idea of GMK 5130-1 came up after a huge success of GMK 5100, well known as a super stable and strong crane in its class. The 5130-1/-2 […]

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Tadano GR-160N

Rough Terrain Crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 16 ton. 6-section hydraulically telescoping boom of box construction. Automatic moment limiter with working range limiting function. Outrigger extension width detector (individual detection). Fully hydraulic H-type (floats mounted integrally with 5 extension settings) Slides and jacks each provided with independent operation device. Swing range controller. Swing […]

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