The GROVE GMK 5130-2 is a successor of GMK 5130-1. The 5130-2 is much the same crane, the difference is in new design of the drivers cab. The idea of GMK 5130-1 came up after a huge success of GMK 5100, well known as a super stable and strong crane in its class. The 5130-1/-2 shares similar chassis dimensions with the 5100 but offers a longer boom and more counterweight.

This GMK 5130-2 is built with the philosophy of “Maxi – Taxi Crane”. This crane can carry more counterweight and more equipment when it is in the taxi configuration (12 t per axle) than any of its competitors.

  • Bi-fold swingaway, 11/18 m - with hydraulic offset and luffing under load 0° - 40°.
  • Lattice extension, 26/32 m - includes 8m and 6m fixed non-off-settable sections.
  • 3,6 m integrated 3 sheave heavy duty jib, max. 43 t.
  • 12,9 m to 60,0 m, six section TWIN-LOCK boom. Maximum tip height: 63,0 m.
  • 4 hydraulically telescoping beams with vertical cylinders and outrigger pads with 5 width settings.
  • All wheels with independent hydro pneumatic suspension and hydraulic lockout. Longitudinal and transverse level control with automatic on-highway levelling system. Range +170 mm/-130 mm.

Technical Specifications Grove GMK 5130-2


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