The CCH700 Is Here!
Two Essential Functions in One Dependable Crane. its a New Era of Performance and Convenience.
IHI Construction Machinery Limited has created a newly designed crane with revolutionary performance. The CCH700 hydraulic crawler crane offers top class lifting performance, and its Lulling Jib Attachment can handle both a main and jib hook at the same time. That means that you can choose the best hook for your lifting load and working range. And since one crane does the work of two, there’s no need to switch machines for different applications – that’s a great advantage, especially at tight job sites. The CCH700 is also easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport. and it’s been specially designed for safe operation and excellent harmony with the natural environment. With the CCH700, you’ll be entering a new era of crane operations.
Max. lifting capacity X working radius 70 metric tons X 3.8m
Max. boom length 54m
Max. boom length, with jib (main + jib) 63m (45m boom + 18m jib)
Total operating weight (with 12m boom) 64.1 ton (Approx)

Technical Specifications CCH700 Cummins


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